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Introducing our small, easy-grip block brush, meticulously crafted with precision. This versatile brush boasts 0.005" brass bristles elegantly set in a rectangular hardwood block handle.

Featuring a 10 x 16 row configuration, a 3/4" trim, and a generously sized brush face measuring 3-7/8" x 2-1/4", this tool embodies excellence in craftsmanship.


The wood block handle, measuring 4-1/4" x 2-1/2", provides a firm and comfortable grip. Traditionally favored by professional printers and graphic artists, this brush is renowned for its exceptional ability to safely clean, polish, and deburr even the most delicate surfaces with ease.


Imported from and proudly made in the United States of America. For an even finer brass bristle wood block brush, please refer to our complementary product."

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