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For Gravure and Flexo
The first blade ever made of its kind coated with a soft, corrosion resistant nickel-based material. The soft coating provides a gentler contact point, therefore, eliminating the chance of anilox score lines. This coating also heals small nicks in the blade edge, reducing lines as well as steel contamination of the ink. The nickel coating helps control ink film transfer to the plate, thus producing a very clean, sharper image than typically seen with standard doctor blades.


Soft Doctor Blade Advantage

  • Our proven flexo printing product worldwide

  • Surfaces are protected thanks to the soft coating

  • Reduces score lines on the ceramic roller

  • Corrosion protection

Tip Selector

  • Bevel

  • One Step

  • Lamella

  • Flexolife


  • Gravure

  • Flexo

  • Flexo Narrow Web

  • Flexo Wide Web

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