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Doctor blades are a critical part of the gravure printing press and are highly engineered lengths of steel. To ensure the best printing results, the doctor blade angle should be set between 55° and 65° to the tangent of the gravure cylinder. When this is achieved issues like streaks, hazing, scumming and excessive cylinder wear are significantly reduced. With our devices, you can be sure your blades are at optimal angles.

Angle Measurement Tool - Large

​For cylinder circumference 700 to 1,500mm

An easy-to-use stainless-steel device to measure the doctor blade angle to the tangent of the gravure cylinder. Used by gravure printers globally to ensure optimum angles of 55° to 65° are achieved.

Article number: T-DS-900.301.000

Angle Measurement Tool - Small

​For cylinder circumference 250 to 700mm

The same features as the large device but for smaller sized cylinders.


Article number: T-DS-900.301.011

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